Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tick--Tock--Tick --Tock

Heya fellas!!! Am back with more clocks... These are 2 months old and now I realize that I should have clicked these prior to framing . Coz if you have tried to click any painting or clock or photo frame after framing, you might have realized that it is really hard to get a clear picture of what is behind the glass. I have been trying to click a few paintings of mine but not successful coz unlike these paintings are quite huge in size. Anyway I can say lessons learnt never go waste.
These two clocks are small in size 6' by 6'. And both of them have a nice background which you cannot make it out in these pics


Janelle said...

These are so pretty! Is the clock mechanism provided by the framing company too?

Deepti Stephens said...

Love the quilled flowers.. :) nice colors too..

Rajeswari said...

An award for you my dear friend:

BTW lovely clocks, tell me how did you get the framing done? how did you put in the quilling into the clock?