Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hi !! Am back with another post!! And this one again is a post with a difference!!

Any guesses?  This is vinyl on a glass bottle!!  Yes! And I got it from Sristhi!! 
We made two of these as keepsake. Am thinking of putting a tea light candle in there or just some LED string in the evenings. P and D represents our names.

She has made many wall decals . You can check them herehere , here and here. I have seen them personally and not just me , but my daughter loved them too. My daughter has been eating my head off to get some for her room too, which I have been postponing from long :D
Think now I might have to get them after all.

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yyam said...

Looks really great! I've been meaning to try cutting some vinyl for decoration too. :)