Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spotlight 1 !!! Sonia

Hello Everyone!!!!

Today I am launching a new event on my blog called SPOTLIGHT!!!!!
Come and visit my blog on the 1st and 15th of every month to check it out :)

Though I have been on Blogger since 3-4 years, I didn't blog seriously and I even when I started this blog, I was not much serious about it..... Slowly I began to read others blogs and a whole new world opened in front of me....
I have learnt a lot of things from this Blog-world ... I made quiet a few friends on the way whom I can respect and cherish....
So this is my effort to introduce such talented bloggers/artists to others.... And hence the name SPOTLIGHT.......

And Here is my first guest.... I am not soo good with the words... so I will let my guest do the work, while I lay back and relax ;)

Drum rolls Please.....

Here comes Dr. Sonia from Cards, Crafts and Kids project!!!!

Many of us know her... She always has some sweet words for all of us on our blogs..... I don't know how she manages time to comment on all of our blogs.... But she does that sweetly....
Most of her crafts are Kids-friendly... at the same time very beautiful!!!! She puts all her heart into the art she does ... you can see that in the detailing that she put in each of her work.

So Sonia tell us something about you and your family and your profession.

Well I am an ENT Surgeon by profession and I immensely enjoy my work though it is hectic and taxing at times. As a person I tend to obsess and worry about lots of tiny details be it a surgery, a dinner party, my daughters school projects etc ,etc. After I started crafting I found it was the perfect escape route to calm and distract my mind in a creative way!!

Yes Blogging can be therapeutic .... 

I blog at

When my daughter started going to playschool I had to make a lot of school projects for her and found so few theme based ideas on the net so I started the blog to share whatever simple work I made for my 2 year old’s school. Slowly this evolved into a full fledged hobby for me and I have shared all kinds of crafts on my blog from glass painting, interactive cards, edible crafts ,3 D papercrafts, clay crafts.

Wow !! You are a true Multitasker !!!!
And you seem to manage all the fronts with such ease !!!

Tell us about your source of inspiration?

I am constantly being inspired by bloggers. Often it is the blogger friends I follow and many a times it’s a new blog. You yourself have been a source of inspiration by the varied type of crafts you do. 

Thanks lots Doc!

I also love my blogger friends who take time to drop by my blog and encourage me..I hold these people in the highest of esteem as they are the ones who keep me blogging and who keep on inspiring me!

Your works are amazing!! Do you own a business or are you planning about it? I am sure if you do something like that you will be an instant hit!!

I don’t craft professionally as for me so far its strictly hobby and a way to relax from my professional duties as a surgeon.

And Ha Ha! I am way too attached to my crafts to sell them [ often I can’t bring myself to gift them too!!] as often so many sentimental memories are attached when I make a craft with my kiddo and especially if I made it with stuff friends gifted !

I know the feeling ;)  Even I used to do the same thing when I started to craft.... Even now I can't part with my paintings and drawings..... Though I don't mind much about my crafts...

Hey Doc!!! You have soo much experience in crafting can you advice other bloggers about business tactics and where do you source your items from and how you plan about selling your products and so forth, so that it will help others too.

If you are a craft blogger and you plan to get customers online the key point is search engine optimization. We all google for information and inspiration. Simple things such as a proper blog name, good informative post titles and captions for photos is often all that is needed for a craft blog to click!

Another thing would be to have a good relationship with your clients especially if you sell crafts or craft materials online. Many Indians including myself are not very comfortable about buying online so simple things such as acknowledging receipt of the client’s money, mailing or texting the courier details would go a long way in assuaging anxieties and building a business relation.

Thanks Doc!! I hope everyone benefits from all your advice.. including me .

About sourcing items…I tend to buy locally 98% of the time ….after all we should support the local market!! Most of the time I just drop in to local fancy stores and pick up beads and pearls but my favorite shop for craft supplies is Itsy Bitsy Bangalore!

Wow !!! What a noble thought about promoting local suppliers. And thanks for the tips for both Bloggers and Suppliers.
And next time I am in Bangalore I will surely visit Itsy Bitsy....

Do you have some future plans for your blog or some big project lined up?

Planning to write about various crafting tools starting with a series on Paper crafting tools .

I will be looking forward to all those post regarding craft tools beside your regular crafts... All the best doc!!!!

Come back again on 15th September and check out who will be under the spotlight .

P.S. - And if you are interested to come under the Spotlight, do mail me or message me.
P.P.S. -  You don't have to be a  follower of my blog :)


Pooja said...

Hi Deepti ! Thanks for your SPOTLIGHT initiative ! The whole idea about sharing more information about bloggers is amazing !Will be waiting for the next one !

megha said...

lovely idea of spotlight .we will definately know each other.thanks

Dr Sonia S V said...

Deepthi I had completely forgotten about this and it was such a wonderful surprise seeing it on my dashboard. Thank You dear and may you have all success in this series!

Bhawana said...

Doc Sonia is crazy :).. I still dont understand when she goes to clnic, do crafting posting comments my goodness lots of things.. no idea when she gets time for everything. But yes she has a pure heart which I felt many times...

Deepthi said...

Thank You Sonia for the interview!!!!
And Pooja, Megha and Bhavana, Thank you very much for the encouragement!!!!
I am enjoying this Spotlight thing as I myself am learning a lot of things :)

GeethuSathiyaN said...

Wow...i really njoyed reading it!!Dr.Sonia is really a multi talented person..i often wonder how does she balance work,home n crafts :) She is my great inspiration in paper crafts(card making especially)....She has plenty of ideas on school pjts,clay & dough creations etc...thanks Dr.Sonia,for sharing all ur great works n tutorials with us all :)all the best for ur future works too ;)

देविका said...

You chose one of the PERFECT guest as on spotlight.

A) the picture of DOC is super gorgeous , such elegance and beautiful she looks.

B) Hats off to her creativity and the way the interview is conducted. SHE IS A GORGEOUS LADY with so much poise and elegance in her words that it was awesome to go through the interview.

Thank you deepti for this new thing you have come up with. Wish you love, luck and wishes for this venture. It's always a proud feeling to be appreciated and be noticed for the hard work- which in turn is creative too - makes it cherry on the cake, to be applauded for.

Deepthi said...

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words!!!
Thanks Devika, Geethu!!!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Thank You so much dear friends for the supportive and loving comments.
Deepthi I have finally posted about this feature..sorry for the delay !!

Crafterkhush said...

Now is there is one person about whom I would be absolutely thrilled to read about is doc and your spotlight did just that.. Great initiative and doc.. you are my rockstar.. I have told you that enough times!

Tina said...

Hi deepti..gr8 initiative of spotlight..enjoyed reading Dr.Sonia's interview..i admire her creativity a lot..looking forward to more interviews:)

Janelle said...

I love her work! Those houses are really beautiful and that stroller too!