Friday, May 4, 2012

Internet on the go!!

Hi All!!!!

Yes I know I have not posted any crafts or drawings lately. Hope to do it soon ( I have more than 50 drawings to post and 15 crafts like cards and other items to post but no time to blog :( ). This post is just to say Hi to all my blogosphere friends and to share a few experiences about mobile internet especially internet on Vodafone .

The reason me not blogging this month except for the interviews is me being out of Guntur. I had to attend BFA classes in Mysore. And now I am on vacation Hehe :). I am travelling to my mom's place and MIL's place and my granny's place and many more ;). I am loving this travelling.

But the side effects of this travelling is that I cannot carry my laptop. That means no internet and that means no blogging and checking my blogland friends' blogs and no mails and facebooking.
I was so worried about how I will be able to post the interviews in April and join in the linky and check my mails. Thanks to Vodafone, I could do most of my work using my mobile. I could even do a bit of editing of the blogposts using my mobile.

I have been doing facebooking, checking mails and chatting with friends on my mobile. But the thing that I love most about mobile internet will always be the apps. There are so many useful as well as entertaining apps and that too free.

I am going to conduct craft classes for kids and teens next week. And there I have to teach them origami among other paper crafts. I will admit here that I am no expert in origami .... hehe ;) ;).

I was browsing through the free apps and I came across this real cool app about origami. Though I had downloaded an app regarding origami earlier, I prefer this one since it has videos. And I haven't come to the best part yet..... These videos are FREE !!!!

Yes!!!  I have been watching these videos and learning origami while travelling. By the time the classes start, I hope to be an expert in some simple origami techniques. Hehe!! Cool right?!?! entertainent as well as education as well as work. And the speed is also not bad. I now have access to my mail, facebook, my blog and my friend's blogs throughout the day.

I dont know what I would have done without internet on my mobile. I have downloaded lots of apps and am enjoying my vacations here with my daughter who loves the angry birds and sketch and draw app. So for me, even though I am not blogging, my vacations are running smoothly. Hope your vacations are also interesting like mine.

Will post something sooooon (Hope to :) )


KukiesBasket said...

Thank you

Janelle said...

50 drawings??? wow!! I hope you're enjoying your vacation. I have origami apps too! 2 of them actually... though I have yet to try any of them, hehe.