Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creating success around the world

Welcome to the Creating Around the World BlogHop, which introduces to the artsy and creative people around the world.

The hosts for this month's Blog Hop are,
Suzy from the USA
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Deepthi in Asia ....That's me :)

And today's guest is Tejal from India. Hi Tejal!!!
Tell us something about you and your country

I am a homemaker by choice, physiotherapist by profession, and a card maker and scrapbook maker by hobby. I am from India, currently settled in Ahmedabad. But have spent time in Karnataka while doing my graduate studies, born and brought up in Mumbai, so am a mix of all 3 cities. Mumbai has made me what I am, my food habits are totally Karnataka/Andhra inspired and Ahmedabad is where my hobby is being nurtured..So each city has a significant role in my life.  

Wow !!! You have lived in soo many places .... and you have gained a lot of experience from your stay...Tell me what do you create? 

As I mentioned, I’m a card maker by choice..That is my favorite mode of expression. I love making cards for friends and family... But I became a scrapbook maker by accident. A friend asked me for one, and I loved making it so much…the whole process of conceptualizing an idea, customizing it to the her needs, and adding my own whimsical touch to it too…so much so that I’ve made and sold more Scrapbook albums than cards.
I do like to have my hand in many pies! I did take a course in Parchment craft, do a bit of fiddling around with some beads and pliers…I love making mobile charms, scrapbook charms, metal book marks and key chains…whatever suits my fancy at that moment.

What inspires your creations?

I get inspired from everywhere…most of my favorite places to search for inspiration are Pinterest Boards and Google Search. Its amazing what you can find, and whom you can be inspired from with a simple Google search (In my world, you can never underestimate the power of Google search..I ask Google questions that 10 years back I would ask my mother…but Google will never replace my mother! J) Also I love picking out designs from fabrics…I love to check out home décor stores for fabric designs!

Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? I am sure many of the readers might want to know ...And is it profitable?

Yes, I do sell my creations. Most of it is by word of mouth or from one friend to another.. Also I do have a blog where I put in my cards up for sale.  (blog url –
I don’t believe the term profit applies to something you do with love…you can never be compensated enough for the time that you put into it…sometimes, I don’t even recover the cost of the materials, but it doesn’t matter. The highest currency in this kind of a hobby is appreciation and the feeling of joy that comes from knowing that someone somewhere smiled a smile bocz of my gift/card/album. That is my highest currency.

I agree with you Tejal. 

What mistakes have you made or lesson you have learned in your crafting?

It wouldn’t be a journey if I didn’t make any mistakes, didn’t take a fall or didn’t learn a lesson. When I started out, 6 yrs back, it was strictly my hobby..And every crafter was a friend always ready to help out. In the recent years, the race to prove that you’re the best in the field has grown tremendously. And politics has arrived and is here to stay. And it ruins the joy that crafting used to bring.
I have made the best of friends and have lost many friends too… It does hurt, but I still  trust people, just not blindly. And I can thank my stars that I learnt my lessons in time.

I guess this is life and we learn a lot from such experiences...:( 
What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?

Success is elusive. Today I may have reached a certain stage , a certain level that I’d hoped to reach 5 yrs ago…but today, I feel I need to reach some more higher…so no matter what level I reach, I’ll always want something more for myself. But thanks to the grounding that my father gave me, I know that If I’m not happy where I am today, I’ll never be happy no matter where I reach…
So whatever stage I am today, I’m happy. I have just 5 friends that I can confide in, I’m happy. I’ve not sold many items, but I’m okay… as long as I know where I want to go, and I’m headed in that direction, I’m happy…and as long as I know I’m happy, I know I have succeeded.

Yes happiness is success :) So what's next? What plans have you for your future?

Future plans involve doing what I’m doing right now..craft and more craft…but yes, I’m going to try to involve more styles, try something new every day..and hopefully set up exhibitions, maybe teach and spread the love for paper and inks and stamps.
And thank you Deepthi for giving me a chance to ramble my heart out!! {Big hugs}

Thanks Tejal !! :)Hope you do more and more beautiful work and all the best for your future.
You can contact her over here

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Jill said...

Tejal sounds like a wonderful person, and the pictures of her crafts are just beautiful! Great interview Deepthi- I'm off to check out Tejal's blog and more of her work now!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Karuna said...

Tejal u r a rockstar! It felt like reading my mind at many points! I think its a great idea that you wanna teach and i can tell u its fun! :)

Crafterkhush said...

i knew all of this but this is fantastic.... lovely lovely lovely to see you featured...Wishing you lots of success always tee.. You know you're my Hero!!

Quill Pill said...

Wow..straight from the heart Tejal! Got to know some new things about you. I am a BIG fan of your work :)..Thanks Deepthi for the wonderful interview

Hussena said...

Wow Tejal !!!everytime i get to know something new about you i am amazed and i think you know i really admire your work and respect your opinion in all things is so nice to know more about you through this interview...great going...and thanks Deepthi for this Fab interview:)

Handmade Cards by Archana said...

Wow Tejal!! it was very nice to read your answers..very honest and straight from the heart.

Priya said...

Tejal.. you might not be knowing but you have inspired many to craft.. I am one of them... You were like a celebrity to me... Love your work.. and your butterflies... I personally feel that you are a wonderful person.. Stay the same..


Priya Mohan said...

Lovely post Tejal. Loved reading your responses. Have always admired you both as a wonderful crafter and person!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Tejal is on me amazing crafter and someone who is so ready to jump in with a helping hand--- Love you Tejal!!

Shruti said...


Was fun to read your responses. I am a big fan of your work, and you know that! :) You are a big inspiration.. everytime I leave you blog I learn something new.. Glad to have you as a friend!

Love you, T! :)

Great interview, Deepthi!!