Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creating Success Around the World

Welcome to the Creating Around the World BlogHop, which introduces to the artsy and creative people around the world.

The hosts for this month's Blog Hop are,
Suzy from the USA
Jill from Australia
Leigh in the UK
Deepthi in Asia ....That's me :)

Today's guest on my blog is from Malaysia. My first international guest!!!!
I came across her blog recently and I loved her Quilled work and all of her Quilled cards.....

Hi Miyyah!! Tell us something about you and your country....

Hi! I’m Miyyah, from Malaysia, and the blogger Miyyah@Kertas ( I’m in love with paper-crafting ever since I learned how to foldpaper, and recently becoming obsessed with paper quilling. I’ve started craft-blogging since 2008, and have met lots of other Malaysian (and non Malaysian) craftersonline. Malaysian online craft community has been growing fast these years –and with supports from local craft/indie market scenes in the country, I dobelieve that the beauty of handmade (and home-made) crafts will be morewidespread. Malaysia is also famous for its handmade crafts like batik painting, wood-carving, ceramic-moulding, songket-weaving, potteries etc. So of course, it’s a great country to live in! :)

Wow!! So much is going on in your country and around you....What do you create?

My main interest lies in paper-crafting and my favourite craft project is quilling. I love everything related to paper and can’t wait to explore other different types of crafts as well.

All your cards are just soooo beautiful!!! What inspires your creations?

Everything around me - nature, people, words, colours etc. Everytime I see something interesting and unique, the first question that pops inmind is “Can I quill this?” (especially when I see something unique and creative on window displays!).  I guess I see everything around me in swirly motions.

Ha ha!!That is the reason your Quilled works are so fantastic.

Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?

I used to sell them online, but due to time constraints, I’m not selling my works through local vendors. I guess it’s more towards self-satisfaction than making your artworks profitable – although side incomeis always welcome.

What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned in your crafting?

I’ve learned that you need to have your own style when crafting. Trying to find one and having people recognizing your work at firstglance is not an easy task to do, but it’s not impossible either. In my earlyyears of crafting, I got inspired a lot from other crafters, and was heavily influencedby their works. Not that it’s wrong, but the fact that I have so many of theirworks influenced in mine that I tend to lost my own point of view. These days,nothing feels warmer than having someone looked at my artwork and canimmediately recognize my style.

What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?

Each of us needs to have aims and goals in life.  But even when you’ve achieved that certain goals, there will always be some new ones. Thus, to me, success is something that isn’t static and  always evolve. Hence, success to me is simple the satisfaction of being able to do what you love, and love what you do. I’m blessed that I love what I do on daily basis (teaching) and  am fully happy to be able to do what I love too (crafting). I’m always looking forward to achieve my current goals,and also looking forward to create some new ones.

So what's next? I mean what are your plans for future or plans for your blog?

I plan to explore more on different types of crafts, andwould love to focus more on on the exploitation of paper as work of art. I also want to explore and experiment on how I could incorporate the beauty of Malaysian culture into my crafts. I don’t have formal background in arts (I teach English!), so I hope to be able to take up designs courses to improve my work. One will never stop learning, and I’m always looking forward to learn new things from everyone.

Hope you do more and more beautiful work and all the best for your future.

You can contact her at her blog and her facebook page here

So come on everyone!! Link your post to this blog hop and visit new places and make new friends!!


Jill said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures from Miyyah! Definitely heading right over to her blog now to see more! Thanks for the intro Deepthi!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Janelle said...

What are those butterflies made of? They're so pretty! All her other work are too. Great interview! :)