Thursday, November 24, 2011

Some Fancy Dresses and Photoshop!!

These are some of my personal photoes which I have tried to edit using photoshop!!!!!

In this photo, I had dressed up my daughter as Krishna!!!! This one was taken in August 2008 during the festival of Krishnashtami!!!!!! And by far this is my favourite!!!
I have put both the after and before versions!!!!

This is a very recent photo of my daughter....
This was taken for the Fancy Dress Competition during the Children's Day Celebrations!!!
I had dressed her up as Jhansi Ki Rani!!!!!

This photo was takenin Shravana masa of 2009!!!!

Again this one is of this year's Children's day celebrations!!

I have to edit a lot of photoes of my daughter's other photoes too.... but those will need a lot of time ....which at the moment I dont have :( :(

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vave umma