Sunday, April 3, 2011


YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally !!!! THE WORLD CUP!!!!! Every Indian’s dream came true yesterday night…. What a match it was!! After 28 years Dhoni and his Devils made history!! It was a thrilling match…fit for a final match!!!

Millions of Indians too celebrated this beautiful and historic moment!!

What a super ending to last year!!

Yeah tomorrow is our new year!! Yugadi!! Those of who don’t know, let me tell you, tomorrow is New Year for us Hindus in India, especially people from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra … Karnataka people celebrate our new year as Yugadi and Andhra people as Ugadi, Maharashtra people call it Gudi parva …. What ever the name, this day we welcome the new year, the new life, the onset of spring and everything new ….Our farmers start to plan for the new crops that they are going to grow for the next year……
The main thing that we do on Yugadi is, we eat neem leaves mixed with jaggery which we call Beevu Bella. Jaggery is a form of sugar (non refined form of sugar) made in India, represents all things sweet, pleasant and good that will be waiting for us in the coming year… and neem represents all things unpleasant that may come in the year to come…. The significance of this tradition is that we should face all the problems and pleasentries with the same spirit... So here , I was scribbling while watching cricket, and I made this. I had not planned it to draw it in this way…. Doesnt matter what I wanted to draw.... I liked the final result…. This drawing represents the spring….. so I thought this apt for today's blog....


Nancy said...

Happy New Year! Your blog is great! I find it interesting to learn about other cultures (especially their foods)!

I am a NEW FOLLOWER from the spring blog hop>
Hope you can hop by and maybe follow me?
Have a great night!

bhagyanand said...

Good one deepu