Saturday, September 22, 2012

Swap and bookmarks

Hi friends!!!! I have been visiting my parents and in-laws in Karnataka. So I have been missing in action from the Blog land....I have not been able to post anything or check out other blogs ..... But now that I am back, I going on a visiting spree to everybody's blog :D

Today's post is a picture heavy post :D
These are the book marks that I made for the Swap of last month.... by Swap Central India

I am loving this whole swap idea!! I am getting to learn and create so many new things every month because of this swap :)
During the diary swap I made a few extra diaries ... and during this book marks swap.... I have gone crazy and have made lots and lots of book marks :)
Will be posting them very soon...

 This is a simple paper book mark.... I have used some punches here....

This one is made of lots of ribbons and a few beads

My favorite one!!! I love the glass beads and the butterfly in this :D I  could help but made one for myself too :D

This one is made of ice-cream stick-pop-sickle.And I have done some Quilling on it.

Two tiny birds....

Paper clip bookmarks and quilling....I have made many book marks like these.... Will be posting them soon


Dr Sonia S V said...

The blue beaded one is fantastic so delicate and lovely with the butterflies

Pooja said...

All of themare amazing but the quilled ones are my favourite ! Those tiny birds are cute !